New Diet: "I'm Here, You Ready?" Me: "New Phone...Who Dis?"

I am totally guilty of answering that call in the past!

In my 20’s leading up to my wedding I tried the low fat diet. Decades later healthy fats are something you should eat.

During my 30’s the diet involved finishing left overs from my kids plates and anything that was easy and quick to make. Definitely not the healthiest.

In my 40’s I avoided the Atkins diet. Could not even think about giving up bread and pasta. I mean I would choose the more healthier versions of them but couldn’t give them up.

A few years back I tried the fast metabolism diet. Effective but Wednesdays in particular were horrible. You were only allowed protein and green vegetables. Not even a piece of fruit was allowed on Wednesdays.

Most recently I have done the 30 days to Healthy Living with Arbonne. Alcohol, gluten, sugar, caffeine and dairy were eliminated. After the initial withdrawal my body felt really healthy. But I missed my treats.

The keto diet and intermittent fasting just have no appeal for me. They truly sound like torture.

I am done answering the “new diet” call.

Now a days it’s lifestyle for the win. Eat healthy most of the time, control my portions and allow myself my little treats in moderation. I am not perfect but I am doing my best.

Would love to hear your crazy diet stories!!

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