Small Habits Produce Big Results over Time

Changing our behaviours can feel like a monumental task. We put so much pressure on ourselves to go big or go home. These big expectations are often and unrealistic and set us up for disappointment and self-criticism.

Instead, think small. Let tiny behaviours become habits. Make these behavioural changes so small that they're easy to do. Creating habits and making change is easier and faster than most people believe. It can even be fun if you do it in the right way.

Step #1 Take any new habit you want, and scale it back so that it's super-tiny. In the case of meditating it might be taking 3 calming breaths. Make it so simple that there is almost no excuse not to do it.

Step #2 Find where your new habit can easily fit into your existing routine. Ask yourself what does this habit come after? For example if you would like to read more perhaps it comes after your nightly routine of getting ready for bed. You can start with one paragraph if that's all you want to do.

Step #3 In addition to making it tiny and plugging it into your existing routine, task your brain to call up a positive emotion by celebrating each time you perform your new habit. Make it a celebration, whether it's a fist pump, raising your arms overhead, doing a little dance, etc. Whatever it is that makes you feel successful, that's what wil wire in the habit.

When you make tiny changes and feel successful the way you think about yourself starts to change. Your identity starts to change. You begin to think "Oh I am the kind of person who tidies up" or "I am the kind of person who exercises"

When you learn to feel good about your successes, no matter how tiny, then that changes how you think about yourself and your opportunities.


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