The secret of getting ahead is getting started!!

Who’s a procrastinator? 🙋‍♀️ Tomorrow turns into next week turns into next month turns into next year.

It has been said that procrastination is the enemy of success and the thief of time.

There are many quotes about fitness and procrastination. Here are a few for you!

“No more procrastination. No more giving up on things you know will help you feel better”

“Today, just get up and go, because yesterday, you said tomorrow”

“How many Mondays have been and gone since you said I will start next week? Take action today!”

“Tomorrow is too late, yesterday is over and NOW is exactly the right moment. So START”

Sometimes things are easier said than done and while quotes are great (I am a lover of quotes) they may not be enough to get us off the couch.

When choosing a fitness activity there are 4 elements to look for that can help you to turn procrastination into a habit.


I want to look forward to exercise. So, my first rule is all activities have to be enjoyable (fun is even better).

What can you do, maybe even daily, that is simple, enjoyable and you always look forward to it?

Here are some quick ideas:

  • listen to podcasts or audiobooks on your walk

  • meet a neighbour and walk your dogs together

  • join a local running group

  • hike/walk/run trails instead of the road

  • play a sport

  • take a fitness class


In the bestseller Younger Next Year, author Chris Crowley says that daily exercise “is our job”. That’s the best fitness program is the one that becomes a habit. Thinking about running, cycling, weights, or yoga class is a lot more exhausting than simply picking up your yoga matt and towel because it’s 11:00 AM on Tuesday and that’s Yoga day.

If you were to walk your dog every weekday morning at 7:00AM plus every evening, for a total of about 1 hour—no exceptions. That habit alone, will give you about 260 hours of fitness a year.

Habits are the brain’s way to save energy. It’s a part of our wiring that can get you into a lot of great fitness. What habit do you need to create?

  • meditate for 20 minutes as soon as you wake up

  • walk for 20 minutes at lunch

  • do yoga every Wednesday and Friday

  • move garbage and recycling containers away from your desk


What fitness routine could you include in your week that’s super convenient and fits perfectly into your schedule?

  • park four blocks from work and walk the rest

  • take the stairs to your office

  • use you bike to run local errands, like getting groceries

  • 15 minute workouts in your home gym.

  • online fitness class


How can you reward yourself for fitness?

  • sign up for a charity walk or run

  • create your own goal for the week

  • mark your calendar after every fitness activity

  • use an activity tracker like fitbit or apple fitness

There you have it: four things to look for in any fitness activity you choose to develop the habits to finally stop procrastinating and just get started!!!

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